Feels weird when my fingers tremble like they’re trembling right now. Its usually the case after I’ve had my fragile heart, my rather bulky body and my heavy head do some moving around. Like when I’ve had a long walk or when I’ve climbed a steep hill or I’ve just returned from play. The last one though hasn’t happened for over 8 years. I used to play a lot when I was in school, but then I got fat and never bothered to play because I thought I had asthama. A lie I told myself to keep away from any kind of exercises. I feel stupid now. Trembling fingers? I feel bad that I did not exert myself like this before. I can’t curse myself though; at least not for the last 2 to 3 odd years. Where would I have found the time? I was living amongst, who I thought – at that time, to be the most friendliest friends I’ve ever had. Its only now that I realize that I was living in a masquerade of liars. A world full of liars. I shouldn’t be bragging, I know. Everyone lives in the very same world that I live in. The only difference being their eyes. Some of them are quick and their presence of mind helps them all the time. Some of them are crafty and cunning. They manage to free themselves from the aftermath of being fooled rather easily. They are quick to leave their past behind and move on. But hey, here’s where I am different. I seem to delve in the hole I’ve dug around myself. Guess what? I’m happy within it. I’m giving more time to myself and my family and plus, I’m taking good care of the way I look, the fats I need to lose and the calories that I need to work out and get rid off! Well, thats the bright thing this week.

Alright, now I know that I feel my fingers trembling, but I can still type at the rate of 60 words per minute and I’m proud of my trembling fingers. I’m very proud of myself because I am doing all the things I thought I could never do. For example, jog 20 minutes? Hell! I thought I couldn’t jog for 2 and here I am today after touching the 20 minute mark. I’m so totally proud of myself. The thing is, I thought I’d be the only person getting so tired so soon. I walked into the gym and started helping myself one day and thats when I saw the other runners. They were lesser bulkier than I was. Some were skinny and the others were nearly invisible, but what I saw astounded me – they got tired faster than I did and I thought to myself, maybe I need to push myself that tad bit harder each day. I began with around 25 minutes of brisk walking of around 7  on the threadmill. This way, I lost around 230 calories there. I then moved to the ellyptical machine where I danced for like 8 minutes and I lost 80 calories. Moving on, I cycled for around 4 kms or 10 minutes and burned around 100 calories. Then, I hit the rafting machine for like 4 minutes burning around 50 calories (this was the most difficult part). The last set was full of exercises and it usually comprised of sits up, pushups and the turn wheel. This felt good. By the time I was done with all this it was like 55 minutes of hard workout and I’d be sweating profusely. I’ve managed to keep the tempo up and like I said, I’m proud to say that the brisk walk is gone. I jog 20 minutes and brisk walk for around 10. The other exercises have also increased in heat and figures and I’m losing twice as many calories per day! This combined with the diet, I’m hoping to be fit, hale and hearty in a few months. The most coolest part is, I don’t get too tired; at least now as much as I thought I would. I love the gym.

The CCNA classes have proceeded to new heights. We’ve left obvious sections behind like subnetting and ip adressing and currently we’re playing with routers. Routing is a concept I knew very little about but I’m happy to say that as of now, I can give a whole presentation with calculation, numbers & binaries in context to routing. Its been fun so far playing with the CLI and typing in the commands. Especially since we’re playing with live routers and not simulators, like most institutions do – they’d give you a software that’d act like a Cisco router. Well, here’s where Mohans place is cool and I think I like the course module, the lab and the professor. I’m hoping to get over with CCNA in around 2 months more. Yes, along with the exams and all. After this, I think I need to speak with one of the counselors there. Guess I could continue and complete my CCNP as well? From the looks of it, CCNA just covers the basic of routing. I don’t think it’d even give you an idea about switching. Well, thats what I think. Maybe it does, but thats yet to come.

Work had been good. I’ve got enough to do and I find enough of time for myself for thoughts and reads! I catch up with music and I get a lot of alone time. I’m covering the nights so its extremely peaceful. Except of course when I visit the restroom. I somehow feel there’s a ghost in our restroom on level 2. I’m not sure why, but whenever I walk out of the room after having taken a leak, the flush would flush itself again, for no apparent reason. Yes, its that smart thing which would flush as soon as you move away from it. The sensor picks up the fact that you’re no more leaking and it’d leak instead. Now, here’s my theory – So, I’ve pee’d and I step away, it flushes. Agreed up to here. Then, I walk up to the mirror to kinda set my hair right (I don’t know why I do this at 3 AM in the morning!) and lo! the thing would flush off again. It’d gush out more water than it did before. I mean, why? Why would it do that? Now this does not happen each and every time. If it did, I’d call it a technical snag with the smart thing. This happens once in a while, like every 3 days or something. So, I guess it has to be co-incidence. Me and ghost taking a leak at the same time, huh?! Anyway, I hope its a friendly ghost. Everything apart from this is good and its all going smooth.  I must visit the temple this weekend.


A bright week.

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