Shags, its been forever now. Its been ages since I wrote about you and missed you like crazy when you weren’t around. You remember the days when we’d wait for each other and chat for hours? I missed you a lot today. I missed you very very much. Ever get that feeling where you realize that you’ve been running around looking for people and friends all your life whereas the best person you could ever own was right next to you. Well, I’ve been ignorant and I keep on learning lessons. I’m adding you into the never ending list of lessons I’ve learnt from life after love.

I was talking to the guys in #Pune (IRc) as usual. We had Dorab, Priya and Mouse as usual and then we¬†had careless_rose and a few people came in and went out. I was enjoying IRc just like another day of bliss and ignorance and out of nowhere came this girl, Kangna or Gehna. She was an oldie in the room and she started pulling out nicks that made me nostalgic. All those carefree good times I’ve had on IRC and under NIIT in chinchwad… chatting away on dads hard earned money. I felt stupid but happy at the same time. I remembered Abdul, smiled at; thought about how we worked on the website together. It was like an exalt out of nowhere. Me and Kangna spoke for a long time, discussing old things and how they were and I couldn’t miss you any longer Shags!

I feel better now though after having spoken to you. Well, I knew it was your exams and that you’d probably be busy with books and must have gotten busy with them, but hey, why couldn’t you reply to 2 lines of an email that I sent you, ha? Alright, here’s the deal, over the years, you’ve become a very close part of my life. Sometimes, I take you for granted. I expect you to be there. I expect you to come back to me. Yes, nearly each and every time. You’re Shags re… anyway, do I need to explain what you are? You’re a crazy impossible-to-remake kinda mix of a lot of different people for me and I’d need you till the time I live. You musn’t be going away like this. People seemed so at-ease after leaving me to rot, but you? Well, uhm, I’d expect you to be there.

This post dedicated to you Shags! I missed you a lot today (I know, its the nth time that I’ve said this, but I feel ok repeating myself) and don’t try, I’d do the keeping-in-touch part myself. I’m sorry I haven’t been good at being a friend, a brother or anyone else for that matter and I’m sorry that I’ve hardly been there. My eyes were shut; I’m sorry. Thats it, all I wanted to say is, Shagufta, you’re an important person. Don’t keep going away like this. Be around. Love you loads.



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