Today, someone else told me that I just try to hurt myself with what my loved ones have to say about me and to me. It makes me sad to see that people don’t understand their worth. Its sad that they can’t see how important they are/were to me. Its sad that they try to go away whenever I lend my hand. Its sadder that they feel smothered by my love. I’m going to keep it all to myself hence on. I’m going to give birth to a new prototype. Anup v2.0!

Ohhh, you, you and you! You’ll will never hurt me again – NEVER.



I’ve begun working on the Goa chapter, but I couldn’t manage to get over it. I’m not sure about why I’ve become like this, but I cannot stick to typing for a long time anymore. Its more like I’m not patient with the keyboard anymore. I wonder why it’d be like that. I used to love the keybee and I could type on it for hours. Well, as a matter of fact, I still type on it for hours, but thats usually when I’m on IRc and typing virtual crap! Anyhoo, I’m nearly done with it; just a few bits and pieces. I’ll make sure it gets added in over the weekend. I did tell Abhi that I’d get it done asap, *sigh* sorry Abhi.

I’m going to be busy over the next week, I sure am! Mom and Sneha are coming over and I’m very excited about them being here. Its going to be a lot of fun. Ohhh and its awesome that Radha aunty and Kuttapi are back; I missed them both a lot. Ammu doesn’t talk much and moreover, I love arguing with the other two, so it’d be awesome with them, mom and Sneha around. I’d pwn them both with some evil Malayalam, Yay!! Ghek. Ahh, yes, thats another reason to get over with the Goa document by tomorrow.

Nikhil leaves Bangalore on Sunday. Its sad that he’d be gone. I was just beginning to know him as a friend and as someone I could waste my weekends with. Hmmm, guess I’d have to make-do with myself. Ratheesh and Avinash are busy souls and I don’t wish to disturb them a lot. No biggie! I can manage with myself. Its 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning and I’m meeting Ratheesh, Nikhil and Zoher for movie and food, or so I hope. I need to grab some sleep. Must rush. I’ll see you’ll next week.



Its ruling over me currently. I dont feel like doing anything. Its probably the routine which gets hectic sometimes; work, class and the gym. I don’t get a lot of time to watch tv or watch the sitcoms that I have downloaded. I still manage to watch How I met your mother though as and when its available for download. I’ve watched upto episode 19 and it continues to make me laugh and I’m still very much in love with all the charecters.

I know, I was supposed to write about Goa and I promise to do it tomorrow – no crap this time. I will try hard to knock down the lazy-me ghost that has set into me and give my fingers some exercise. I missed gym yesterday and I wasn’t too happy about it. But then, yesterday was an especially lazy day since I happened to doze off at work and I had just gotten over a severe bout of head and neck ache. Ahh, it has been a tough week for me. The pain was excrutiating at times and it engulfed my head and neck. I knew for sure that this was because of the increase in the number of my myopic lenses. Mom and Radha aunty kept on pushing me to go visit the doctor, but then I knew that the glasses were causing this. Anyway, I got a hole in my pocket and had to keep myself from giving my monthly share home to come up with this:


The headache seemed to magically disappear as soon as I put the glasses on and I informed mom about it who seemed to be upset about the part where I did not go to the doctor after she asking me to over the fact that I did not need to go to the doctor and that my headache’s vanished. Women are weird and you cannot deny that. Spoke to Sneha and she’s a constant source of joy to me. She’s on my side always and for her, I’m the best and the coolest. However fat, double chinned or stupid I be. Radha aunty and family are there in Pune now; well at Mahabaleshwar right now. Good for them.

Going back to the part where I’ve been lethargic, there came this time yesterday when I broke all barriers and stepped into a new league of lazy bones. I have my clothes all washed and ready to be used after getting them pressed, but I was too lazy to give them off to the guy who presses clothes and so I did not have anything that I could wear to work – so I bought a couple of new t-shirts. I’m seriously unsure of whats wrong with me. I need to kick myself hard I guess. Guess its a phase and will fade off soon. A quick nip – I’m watching this sitcom (kind of bounces over my head sometimes) called The Big Bang Theory. Must say, I enjoy watching them talk. Their brilliance seems to glorify my ignorance. The book

Finally, I watched “Jab we met” the Hindi movie again. I watched Kareena and Shahid look cute together for the last time and I loved the movie all over again. I’m not sure why, but like almost all the mid-century aunties, I too am in love with this movie and all the expressions Kareena had on her face. Cute. Ohh and I’m reading Chetan Bhagat’s latest book – The 3 mistakes of my life. I’ve just begun reading it and I like it already. I’m sure it’d be as good as his other two masterpieces.

Me as of today!Also, I’m proud of myself as of now, cause I’ve lost around 5.5 kgs! I shouldn’t be bragging about it, but then I’ve learnt that a good diet and a scheduled work out regimen can drastically change your life. Now, I’m not going to make any changes to the way I’m working out or to my diet. I’m going to stick to it for a while and I’m sure that I’ll continue shredding. I began at 92.5 and I’m 87.1 now. So, the progress is outstanding, I’d say and that too in just 2 odd months. I’m happy. Its time for me to hit the gym and leave for home. I won’t type in about Goa as a blog entry. I’d probably include it in write-ups! So, yeah, thats the project in for tomorrow.



There’s a lot to write and I’m not sure about what to write and where to begin. Its a long story – Goa. I won’t finish if I begin now and I don’t want it to fall short of a word or an event. I want that entry to be descriptive and complete to every minute details. Thus, I’m going to get it done within the next two days.

A few things to discuss:

1) Season 3, Episode 17, How I met your mother:

Barney got Robin laid. Robin, you suck just as well. You’re a whore; just as well. Why? Cause you have sex with Barney and the first thing you tell him in the morning is, “The moment my feet touches the ground (off the bed that is) THIS never happened” this here is sex. Man, seriously; why? Did you really need it that bad? Alright Anup, cut the crap. Robin, you suck. Ted, you suck as well. Barney, you’re legen…wait for it…. dary! You PWN man. Next bet? Try to get Lily’s ass. After this though, Ted fights with Barney and “breaks up” with him or in his words “outgrows” Barney. Over and above this, he tries to do the I’m not pissed act which he couldn’t carry off. Overall, Marshall and Lily, you’re the best people in that show.

2) Season 4, Episode 8, Lost:

This is going nowhere. I have no clue of whats going on. Someone help me! More turns?

3) Goa:

A lot to talk to about this. Coming up real soon. Also, about how hot Pune is and how much I love vada pav land.

4) The website:

I’m making a lot of changes to the website and I will continue to do so in the next few days. I’ve managed to find a plugin that integrates Gallery2 to WordPress and its awesome. Plus, I finally managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1 and I like the overall feel of it. In more news, Radha aunty and family have left for Pune and they’ll return with mom and Sneha on the 18th. I like that. Abhi started off his new job at Maersk where he has to wear formals with a tie and all; he looked cute on his first day. Met Smikh on the 29th when I reached Pune and it felt great; meeting her and talking to her. We had lunch and we spoke a lot. Gossips and other crap. It was cooler because Abhi was around and for the first time in the last 2 months, I was able to laugh, freely. Felt awesome. These days, I use the Barney theory and it fits me perfectly – When I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead! I have no clue of where Shags is and I’m worried. She doesn’t give a damn, as usual.

Well next up, maybe tomorrow or day after – GOA!



I should be feeling happy about being away from work and being with my friends instead for a whole week; but I somehow don’t feel too good about the entire trip. I’m not sure why. Maybe its because I feel sick about writing that previous post. It was stupid and uncalled for; but its written now and I’m not going to edit or delete it. Thats not the reason anyway. I’m just not sure about going to Pune. I don’t like going there anymore. I’m just there for an evening though. I’d sleep early and leave early to Goa! As early as we can.

The plan was supposedly canceled, but after a lot of speculation it seems to have resurfaced and I think we’re going. We includes, Abhi, Muiz and me. It was supposed to include Shaista too, but then, guess that didn’t go too well for Muiz and her. We’d be setting off in Abhi’s car early morning – 30th. The weird thing is, I’m running out of cash and I’m expecting my salary to come on the 30th so before it comes, I don’t have much to roam around with. I’d have to be careful for the coming days. Else, I’d be broke and I don’t like being broke. So, I need to keep down unwanted expenses. The funny thing here, I’ve been stupid and I made some very unwanted charges on my credit card. My phone for example; the HTC touch which cost around 18 grands is on my credit card and I nearly hate that phone. I was so much more happier with my Nokia! Sucks to be me, I repeat.

I need to meet a couple of people when I go to Pune. Now, I’m not sure about when I’d get to meet them, cause mom and dad would want to talk to me when I go there and if I’m not around, they’re going to be upset! So, I’d need to do something about the people I meet, probably forward it for the 4th when I return or something like that. I’m not too sure now. As of now, I have other concerns – clothes not ironed. I’m doomed. I don’t like wearing clothes that aren’t ironed, but then, I’ve been lazy and its been lying here after its wash since the past 2 weeks. Sucks to be me, repeat 2.

I’ve clicked a few pictures of my house after its clean up today and I think they’re neat pictures, putting them up here:





Apart from this, I’m going to be out for the entire week. I’d be back on the 5th of May. Till then, it’d be ~Go Pune – go Goa (If possible!) Later then.