I should be feeling happy about being away from work and being with my friends instead for a whole week; but I somehow don’t feel too good about the entire trip. I’m not sure why. Maybe its because I feel sick about writing that previous post. It was stupid and uncalled for; but its written now and I’m not going to edit or delete it. Thats not the reason anyway. I’m just not sure about going to Pune. I don’t like going there anymore. I’m just there for an evening though. I’d sleep early and leave early to Goa! As early as we can.

The plan was supposedly canceled, but after a lot of speculation it seems to have resurfaced and I think we’re going. We includes, Abhi, Muiz and me. It was supposed to include Shaista too, but then, guess that didn’t go too well for Muiz and her. We’d be setting off in Abhi’s car early morning – 30th. The weird thing is, I’m running out of cash and I’m expecting my salary to come on the 30th so before it comes, I don’t have much to roam around with. I’d have to be careful for the coming days. Else, I’d be broke and I don’t like being broke. So, I need to keep down unwanted expenses. The funny thing here, I’ve been stupid and I made some very unwanted charges on my credit card. My phone for example; the HTC touch which cost around 18 grands is on my credit card and I nearly hate that phone. I was so much more happier with my Nokia! Sucks to be me, I repeat.

I need to meet a couple of people when I go to Pune. Now, I’m not sure about when I’d get to meet them, cause mom and dad would want to talk to me when I go there and if I’m not around, they’re going to be upset! So, I’d need to do something about the people I meet, probably forward it for the 4th when I return or something like that. I’m not too sure now. As of now, I have other concerns – clothes not ironed. I’m doomed. I don’t like wearing clothes that aren’t ironed, but then, I’ve been lazy and its been lying here after its wash since the past 2 weeks. Sucks to be me, repeat 2.

I’ve clicked a few pictures of my house after its clean up today and I think they’re neat pictures, putting them up here:





Apart from this, I’m going to be out for the entire week. I’d be back on the 5th of May. Till then, it’d be ~Go Pune – go Goa (If possible!) Later then.



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  • April 28, 2008 at 4:07 am

    Enjoy ur trip dude!!!!


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