I’ve begun working on the Goa chapter, but I couldn’t manage to get over it. I’m not sure about why I’ve become like this, but I cannot stick to typing for a long time anymore. Its more like I’m not patient with the keyboard anymore. I wonder why it’d be like that. I used to love the keybee and I could type on it for hours. Well, as a matter of fact, I still┬átype on it for hours, but thats usually when I’m on IRc and typing virtual crap! Anyhoo, I’m nearly done with it; just a few bits and pieces. I’ll make sure it gets added in over the weekend. I did tell Abhi that I’d get it done asap, *sigh* sorry Abhi.

I’m going to be busy over the next week, I sure am! Mom and Sneha are coming over and I’m very excited about them being here. Its going to be a lot of fun. Ohhh and its awesome that Radha aunty and Kuttapi are back; I missed them both a lot. Ammu doesn’t talk much and moreover, I love arguing with the other two, so it’d be awesome with them, mom and Sneha around. I’d pwn them both with some evil Malayalam, Yay!! Ghek. Ahh, yes, thats another reason to get over with the Goa document by tomorrow.

Nikhil leaves Bangalore on Sunday. Its sad that he’d be gone. I was just beginning to know him as a friend and as someone I could waste my weekends with. Hmmm, guess I’d have to make-do with myself. Ratheesh and Avinash are busy souls and I don’t wish to disturb them a lot. No biggie! I can manage with myself. Its 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning and I’m meeting Ratheesh, Nikhil and Zoher for movie and food, or so I hope. I need to grab some sleep. Must rush. I’ll see you’ll next week.



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