On a rather long hiatus until mid January 2009. Will be visiting Kerala and Pune on account of the many weddings that I need to attend. I miss writing here. Fact is, there isn’t a lot of interesting things happening in and around my life to write about. Most of the things I read or see is depressing and there are a million people out there expressing their views on the very same subject. My views and opinions on and about them seem to make no difference so I’d choose to be a realist and just be mum. Also, I’m done with the many people in my life; liars masquerading as friends.

Be back in January. Till then – adios!



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11 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!! and I was done with some with some liars last year so this year was peaceful..some more on the hit list this year 😛

  2. Hey anup, just read some of urblogs..U look like you have gone thru a lot in life and hate the way it has brought you up!

    However, I would love to believe I am wrong..world is too beautiful to hate!

  3. Tanya,

    Appreciate your concern; but you’re wrong. I’ve gone through a phase, thats all. If you read closely; I write about the sad and happy days in my life. Its not all sad! I wonder where you picked that up from. Hate the way it has brought me up? No way hoze!! The world is beautiful and too full of love. I have no hatred. You mis-interpreted the data here, I guess.

  4. Ahh!! no…i jus read blogs when I have nothing better to do..n I came across yours and I must say I am impressed!

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