Hello!I’ve been lazy. My usual bouts of laziness that comes and goes. Like those days where I just don’t feel like typing. Plus, I thought; no one cares anyway. No one reads here anyway, so a few days worth gap wouldn’t matter much.

I thought I’d just walk by and say hello to anyone who might be following up here or reading the crap I type in. Abhi was here from 12th to the 15th and it was a lot of fun. Must say, HP and Bangalore would have been a 100 times better if he’d have been here. Time would have moved faster, I’d have laughed more and he’d have lost more weight than me and uhm, it’d have been fun! It sucked to see him leave.

I might decide to type in more about his trip and our outing to Nandi hills later. For now, I’m deadly bored. Peace out.


Smooth sailing.

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