A couple of really awesome one’s someone gave me some time back:

Your tears fall
Right on my heart
It hurts me more than you
To see you fall apart

I want no love
That causes you pain
Ill try to stop you from crying
Though it might be in vain

Your agony kills me
Why cant I soothe it
I have only upset you
It makes my heart split


Thank you for you: for who you are,
However far away;
And for the words you send to me,
Near mad for what you say.
Knowing simply that you’re there,
Yet thinking much of me,
Opens up my happiness,
Undone for all to see.

I can’t thank her enough for giving these words to me. She knows, I’m sure; about how thankful I am that she stuck by and also of how much I adore her. Once again, thanks a lot and I miss you.

It was an uneventful day, just like yesterday. Work-home-work, repeat. The only thing that changed was that the oil prices did finally shoot up and I ended up paying Rs 58 for a litre worth petrol. I remember buying petrol when it was Rs 30 a litre. Dad smirks then; I remember paying Rs 5 a litre, now scoot! I wonder why he treats me like rubbish. Anyhoo, thats a mystery I don’t have time to unravel. Its already 4 AM and I’m tired. Watched a mallu movie just now. Srinivasan is an awesome actor, have to say. Mammotty and Mohanlal take away all the awards though and it makes me feel sad that they do. Fuckers must die; like Harrison Ford and Richard Gere.

Additionally, I’m not sure about whats wrong with me. I ate 4 huge baigambilly mangoes. Crazily sweet but huge! Seriously, they were very big mangoes. I ate them all in 4 hrs. Not bad ehhh? Guess its ok, I burnt around 1000 calories in the gym today. And fruits = any quantity is what the doctor said. Good ehh? Gym; ahhh. On its note, I notice this really cute romantic phase in progress in there these days. There’s this body builder, very lean body and totally awesome looking. Like the guy with the perfect looks for any girl. Tall, dark and handsome with a killer bod, thats what you want, don’t you, girls? So this girl, she comes to gym everyday and works out just for him. But I guess the bugger is pea brained. He concentrates more on his workouts and just asks her to continue working out. She’s more interested in talking and looking at his sweaty body anyway and continues to linger around where he is. Annoys him, but well, there’s nothing you can do now dude. The girls kinda clumsy, thin and unimpressive with a flimsy style of walking and bad shoes. But I love the scene and I can’t help smiling to myself. Thats it for today. Bed time.


Nostalgia, a visit.

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