I’d like to begin with this:

This seems like an advertisement that’d make people giggle or to the least bring a smile on anyone’s face. Its not because the advertisement has a deep meaning but its more in awe for the director of the advertisement and the person who must have designed the whole concept. A break-up has been portrayed without any fuss and with a lot of ease. Now, isn’t this what all of us want? All of us who would want a friend, someone more than a friend, a friend to kiss, a friend to hug and a fuck friend? Something more than that? Nada, move on…

Different people take different routes out of break ups. While most of them might just gather their balls and bags and like fastrack said, move on. Others might choose to ignore the obvious pain that they feel inside of them and live with a smile on their face which is so fake that it’d make even the dog trotting on the road to scoff in pity. A few others would live in bliss and ignore the whole episode as a bad nightmare. They wouldn’t feel anything and yes, they’d relive and be reborn like a raven out of its own ashes. Very few would actually dig into what happened and what went wrong. Why did I lose out on love? Why did I make wrong decisions? What were the wrong decisions? Why did I do these things like this and not like that? A lot of questions need to be answered so that you don’t make the same mistakes again, but then who cares and who bothers ehh? You see the next body you like, you get attracted and the saga begins. Also, I forgot to mention about a very minor sect of people who’d begin a new route whilst they are on one track. Now, these are the kinds who’d betray you for peanuts! These are the kinds who need to shove love right down their own asses and go get what they want – shit on their face.

I’ve seen love failing over and over now, over the past 3 odd years. I have my own story to tell too, amongst all of the broken hearts, I have my own heart too. Not that it matters much, but I’ve learnt a lot and I’m proud that I took time off to think it out of me. I’m happy that I had friends who helped me out. I’m very happy that I did NOT move on… as if the love I had in my heart, as if the person did not exist, the love my heartbeat for; all through the time I was with her. I’m happy that I was human enough to thank god for what I experienced and I cherished every moment of it before I let it go. Actually, I did not let it go, time took it away from me. What annoys me though are ads like these which portray love to be nothing less than a drama done by college kids! We ourselves are vandalizing the next generation of kids who wouldn’t know what it means to be in love. Pfft, god damn media advertisers.


Thats what you mean to me Ted!

I’m coming Ted! His best friend needed him. He’s awesome.

A revolutionary.

Am I dead? Ha? Am I dead? What would the world be without him?

The awesomes

Now thats what I call – BRO LOVE!


The ‘move on’ generation.

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