Rain always puts me in a stupendously good mood. However bad the environmental variables be. The end result is a smile on my face. I mean, imagine me being stuck in traffic for over 2 hours. Ohh yes, thats right, I had my first 2 hour jam after coming to Bangalore. That’d probably be nothing new for most others who have travelled during peak hours here, but for me, this was the first time. Somehow, it didn’t bother me. I couldn’t help keeping the window of my car open and watch the rain. It used to pour heavily sometimes and get my sides all wet, but I just couldn’t pull up the glasses. The fragrance of wet mud is amazing, isn’t it? Ohh and the sound of rain beating against the roads, the cars, people and other objects, it sounded like music to my ears! Overall, as usual, rain put me in a mixed emotional spot. A spot that had nostalgia, pain, joy and most of all hope.

I couldn’t stop myself from thinking up:

Speak to me in a tongue,
Only few understand,
Oh heart of hearts;
Oh soul of souls.

It matters little,
That no one knows,
Oh heart of hearts;
Oh soul of souls.

And we tread barefoot, you and I,
Our soles wet with dew,
Cast from a dream, a pleasant lie.

And I will dream again and die,
To live another dream with you,
Until the next we meet,
In my heart of hearts;
My soul of souls.

Well, I ended up missing all my friends. I missed all the people I loved and had left behind. I felt guilty and sorry for all the bad that I did and I felt like apologizing to people for the bad that I did to them. I haven’t thanked God enough for keeping me alive as of yet and I must visit the temple. Its not necassary to do it cause I call myself an Agnostic. Hrmphhhh, I’m not. I’m a believer. I sent out an email to Johnson and Priyanka and managed to find the courage I needed to apologize for what I did. I’m not sure if they’d be able to forgive me for what I did, but I did do my part. Once again, I’m sorry you guys. I did not want it to be this way and I’ll miss you. I’m going through another rough patch.

Mom and Sneha are off to Kerala today. I’m going to miss them. I still have to get the songs Sneha wanted and then burn it for her. I’ll do it as soon as I go home today. I have to drop them to the railway station tonight and I don’t even know where the place is. I’ll hire a taxi or something. I may not come to office today; might as well stay at home and get some rest. I need it cause of the terrible headache that I’ve been carrying with me since quite some time now. Monday is the day – I will visit the doctor. I’m shameless mostly; even a public word is breakable, as per me. I’m still the best. Bangalore is awesome and I love the rains. Ohhh and traffic, you can never win over me. I’ll win over you each and every time. I’ll fuckin’ drive over you. Beat that! Peace out \m/


The rains here!

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