It’s been over a week since I joined HP and I must say that the place (It’s ambience and the overall corporate feel) rocks! The post though is not about HP or about me moving to Bangalore or anything closely related to the events of my life. The post is about an eventful day in my life – Monday the 3rd of November.

 The day is eventful because I saw 4 movies one after the other on that day. I broke my own record of 3. But thats not the reason it’s eventful. I’ve seen movies one after the other before this and during those times it used to be fun. Why? I had 5-6 of my closest friends with me and of course, Smita was amongst them. So, even though it kinda sucked in a way, I still had fun. Coming back to why the day was eventful; well, I watched all the 4 movies alone. In a city like Bangalore, where people just fill every nook and corner they find, I couldn’t find one person who would be willing to accompany me.

I’m not sure why, but I’d just call the day eventful and not lonely. I never felt lonely. Infact, I was at peace. I never got time to curse myself, because the movies went like this:

1) 10:45 AM – Breach 2) 1:00 PM – Mallu movie (Chocolate) 3) 3:30 PM – The Kingdom 4) 5:30 PM – Beowulf

So, the day just passed by and I went home at around 8:30. I wasn’t sad, but my life just felt void of people. The sad part was that I enjoyed this. I liked being alone. I liked malling alone. Going through the stores, rummaging through whatever it is that they have to display, watching movies alone, eating alone, looking at really cute couples holding hands! I did all of this alone and true to my heart, I really felt good!

I realize sadly, that every passing day I am slipping back to being the me I used to dislike. There was a time when I was alone and I used to feel alright about it. Then Convergys happened. Abhijit, Mank, Smita, Muiz and the rest happened. The promotions at Convergys happened. The numerous outings we had as friends happened. Love happened. Heh, I know; I’m ranting like an 80 year old who has lived through all the cliches you could probably imagine, but thats the true story of my life now. I wouldn’t blame Smita for any of this though. Certain parts of my brain wants me to call her all kinds of names and hate her, but then when I think about it, the poor thing has nothing to do with my problems. She couldn’t love me; thats all. Is that sin? Shit happens. Mank is another person I cant hate. I try to keep away though and I will keep away till I go so far that I don’t need to try! These are people I like and people I’d never want to forget. I’d only take with me, the good I got from them.

I miss Abhi the most. I miss Smita too, but that’s ok, I guess. I don’t get a chance to miss Smikh though. She’s a total sweetheart and never lets me be out of touch. Must give her credits for being so closely knit. Most importantly, I miss Sneha, mom and dad. But then, I don’t think about them much; cause they’re mine and they can’t go anywhere. They just can’t run from me like the others have.

Ok, so let me get downt to the heart of this entry. Reviews on the 4 movies I saw.

1) Breach: The movie seemed slow to begin with, but then it took off on a steep one. Somehow, the story revolves around Robert Hannsen (Chris Cooper) and Eric’O’Neill (Ryan Phillippe). I’m not sure if more charecters would have spoilt the movie. Well, I guess it would have. The sad part is that I expected more from a “picturization” point of view. I expected there to be a couple of twists and turns. Apart from that, this is an adaptation from a true story, so we all know how it’d end. It’s a cliche-dream come true from beginning to end. I wouldn’t call it a bad attempt, but it’s a movie where I could predict the next scenes and it’d come true. No further comments on this one.

2) Mallu movie – It rocked. I’m sure no one would want reviews on this.

3) The Kingdom – Boring. Sucked.

4) Beowulf – Animation at it’s best. I love the Max kinda Animation. And I like stories and fables come true. The coolest part was an animated Angelina Jolie; Naked! Wow, thats a killer combo. I’m not going to share the plot or the story and spoil it for anyone. It’s a must watch, so go watch it. One thing for sure; it’s full “paisa vasool”

More; if and when I write next.

Story of my life.

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