StupidityAlright, laugh if you may and please yourself. This for all those laughaholics who’d laugh at a friends misery. Yes, I have those – friends who’d not miss an opportunity to laugh at you. Infact, they’d ask you to send in one of your stupid pictures just so that they’d grab a giggle before the sandman calls. Love you guys nevertheless!

This is how I look as an aftermath to my encounter with the dude-hairstylist at the ‘Macho Beauty Parlour – Mens and Womens‘ its a classy joint if you feel extra affectionate towards your soft exoskeleton and are in the mood to pamper yourself. Which is precisely what I did today after a not-too-great couple of days. My hair had grown out of proportion and I entered the place hoping to trim it up a bit just so as to look presentable. The dude coaxed me into something I should never have done! HE STRAIGHTENED MY HAIR!!! Arghhh!!! I cannot put into words the dilemma I am in right now. I spent over Rs 1,800 to get my hair to look like that. The smile here is to avoid the look that’d be on the phase of a girl who was recently molested.

Kya lag rahe ho sir aap…” thats what he said as he gave final touches to his master piece. I was in a state of shock and had no words who’d want to fall out of my mouth. I guess even they were embarassed to look at the mirror. You’ll see my trepidation here, don’t you? If there are people who don’t see whats wrong here please scroll down to the gallery below. The last picture there ‘Good bye Nandi’ is how I looked before I walked in and the picture displayed here is what the bitch turned me into! This is the result of over four hours of hard labour. Creams, ironing and washing; I was all over the place. Now you know what happens when you try to experiment, don’t you Anu? I’m pretty sure I noticed a couple of guys checking me out as I tried to keep those strands of hair falling off the edge of my eyes. This was on my walk of shame back home from the parlour. Smelling all girly with all those creamy creams and what-not. Now that its done; I will deal with it and I will, with the help of a lot of almond oil get it back to where it was – wavy and unruly, almost surrealy Junglee (wild)

That being said, here’s a promise (since thats the first step) – I will finish working on my novel by Jan 2010. I will dedicate time towards completing it everyday. Especially for you Abhi. Who by the way, has promised to sponsor and fund it if need be! Should be easy then once I have the data compiled and amalgamated. I know that I’ve been writing more than I used to and its not because I’m jobless. In fact, I’m busier than I have ever been. The new project I’m working on is squeezing out most of my valueable neuropower. *sigh* might as well say… I miss the following people very much – Sneha, Shags, mom, Smikh and Abhi. I’m selfish that way. I expect a lot from the people I love; thereby burdening them. I must stop smothering them. Sleep time.


Experimenting with my hair.

5 thoughts on “Experimenting with my hair.

  • March 1, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    What on earth is that?? Sathyam para.. you got a facial also alongwith pedicure and manicure didn’t you ? 😛

    All the best on the novel.

  • March 1, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    What is????

    I guess sneha shld show the pic 2 mom and dad so tht thy r r nt shocked 2 c their son with the straight hair 😉

    Rofl 😀


  • March 2, 2009 at 5:40 am

    Anupp i am soo sorrrrryy for this.

    butt d moment i c this i just start laughingg… LMAO..

    but yes u do look C.U.T.E (The younger version of a GEEK.. umm hmm may be.. Bill Gates!)
    Sorieee but its +ive right?

  • March 3, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Was that T shirt put on to prove you resemble the “hairy” man?

    Well… as they say ‘Hope is a good thing’..
    LOL.. kidding man… you look so YO!

  • March 6, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    @Seema: I wish! I’d like one of those. A complete ‘look good and feel good’ session at the parlour. But no, this time it was just this hair blunder.

    @Abhi: Dad doesn’t know. I’ve already made alterations and cut my hair enough for him to not notice when I’m in Pune next week.

    @Ruchi: Thats +ve enough for me. Thanks. You’re the best!

    @Layman: Ahhh, he was thinner and he looked good with long hair. Da, nona parayanda… YO onnum illya… I thought (after the haircut) about how I’d avoid all the traumatizing, “Ohh, he looks so gay” looks that people would give me.


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