I’ve been tagged! I’ve been in a state of animated bliss of late and I sincerely apologize to all the readers because I don’t know why. Sometimes I feel like I’m falling in love and then I take a step back. Mostly because my recent love-addiction turned out to be my worst nightmare and I’m still recovering from its rather long-lasting aftermath. That’s one thing too many in one, if you know what I mean. If you don’t – Its just one thing (seemingly) but its like an onion skin. The deeper you dig the more you tear up and the lesser you get out of it. Arghhh! What the fuck is wrong with me? Ranting unreasonably has become a thing with me these days. I can’t let myself fall in love because if I do; this time, I’ll surely lose some very important people and I’m not taking chances. Nope, I’m not in for a gamble Abhi. She’s special though, no doubt! Coming back to my point – I’ve been tagged by Layman and he’s one amongst two people I’ve met through my blog and theirs. Some strangers are nice and thats not because they are mallus.

I’m not going to be generic when talking about stuff that I’m addicted to. I mean, it’d be just another clichéd post if I say I’m addicted to my friends, family, food and water. I’m sure these would be taken for granted. I’d talk about the broader ideas here or lets say my abstract addictions. My addictions(as of now) are as follows:


1) Entertainment
Taking into account simple facts like my age and where I come from, it wouldn’t be unusual for me to be addicted to the activities that entertain me. Rock music, movies – gore, sci-fi, thrillers, romance; you name it and I’ve been there. Gaming and my genuinely large cd/dvd collection of movies stands testament to the fact that I’m making ample use of my uber cool tv without having subscribed to Tata Sky which charges an exorbitant amount as compared to the local cable walas who’d drive you nuts with their poor quality picture. I’ve since then decided to stick to my games and movies. I’m addicted to my PS2. Games like God of War, Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry take me into a fantastic world where I can do what I could otherwise never have. Run in bullet time, shoot like a mad-man, slash a sword, fight my evil twin and finally, MAGIC! I’m addicted to music, to the likes of Pink Floyd, Staind, POTF and many others and I can hereby declare that I cannot live without the album “The Division Bell” Movie addiction includes Hollywood and almost all in the mallu movie range. Mohanlal movies time spanned between 1980 to around 2000 are awesome and I’d watch a re-run any day!

2) My computers
I know that I could have easily included this in the addiction above but then I wanted to highlight this as a cut above the classification of entertainment and more about why I’m addicted to these boxes in black. I have even named my computer and he’s had that name since the time I bought him. Which was around 4 years ago. I’ve kept on adding things to his stomach which made him faster and stronger but I’ve referred to him as Blacky forever now. I’m addicted to the box and there is no turning away. It earns me my living, keeps me connected to my loved ones, lets me learn a lot of new things and most importantly; it is the source of almost all the things and feelings that keeps me alive. Its me in an inorganic form. I’m in love with the box and I don’t want to do anything about it. Computers in plural there because I now have a lappy (HP given) and its a very handy thing. I’m not too attached to it because I may have to give it away some day.

3) English
Like I’ve mentioned before my addiction to the language is something I’ve been almost brutal with. Abhi is a liar when he proclaims that I condemn the English speaking skills of other people. I’ve never done that. Neither have I ever boasted about my way with the language. Its my never ending love for it which has gotten me addicted to the language. This along with computers paved my way into a secure more bright future and I’m thankful for what its given me. I’m addicted to using it as much as possible. Even at home! Thats a funny thing overall. I’m multicultural at home. Dad – English, Sneha – Hindi, Mom – Malayalam. Sometimes its a mix and I’d like to refer to it as Einglam though Sneha calls it Hinglish.

Inner expressions.

4) Writing
My writing isn’t limited to my blogs and that’s something I’m kinda happy about. I have a journal (however girly this might sound; alright, fuck you guys!). Mostly, I’d keep the sensitive, emotional and more curious side of me to my journal and those questions are only for me to answer. The blog is a place where I vent out, rant and more recently reach out. I love the thought of meeting up like minded people. Mob who loves writing has always been one of my fantasies. Like a blog meet maybe? I noticed that there were a few that happened recently and they turned out to be a huge success. I’d totally love to meet more people addicted to blogging or writing thereby! I’d rather not talk about it, but then I have the itch, the inexhaustible itch to talk about something I really wanna hide. I’m working on a book, a novel even. I know I’m not brilliant but I’m surely capable and my story is worth a chance to be read

5) Shopping
Shopping is not only my secret hideout when I’m scared, defeated and dejected but its also what brings me the feel good factor when I’m bored and out of things to do.  Now I know that this sounds a bit stupid but then, it helps me and I’m sure it helps a lot of others. Its a known fact that buying things for yourself makes you feel happy. Gives you the punch you need when you want to mourn some more and are out of energy! Heh, thats what happened to me when I was in an abysmal state. A few sub-addictions here are – shopping for food! I am a foodie (says Abhi) and then I love spending the money I earn.

Guess that’s about it. There are a lot of other addictions but they are a bit too important to elaborate. I’d just name them though – Family, Friends and love. I’m addicted to them and I’d be addicted for life. Uhm, that concludes this rather massive but fun post and I’d like to thank Layman for throwing this in. Also, not to forget, I’m going on a road trip next weekend. I’d be leaving Bangalore on Sunday the 9th and I’m driving down to Kerala – Trichur. Funny thing is; I have no clue about the road and I’m going to depend on my cousin who’d be accompanying me. Da Layman, where in Kerala are you?


My addictions.
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7 thoughts on “My addictions.

  • October 31, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    I like the 5th addiction specially when it comes from a guy. Retail Therapy 😀 A Friend of mine once said that too but he doesn’t go buy things. He used to see it as a therapy for loneliness. The crowd probably gave him that feeling.

  • November 1, 2008 at 8:23 am

    A massive post solicits massive comments.
    So here you go 😉

    I’m so satisfied.
    I expected something in similar lines when I tagged, but you have “eggzeeded expectations” ‘Einglamar’ 😀

    You know, you even sounded super confident, super ambitious and super cool 🙂

    I loved your 4th addiction.
    “Mostly, I’d keep the sensitive, emotional and more curious side of me to my journal and those questions are only for me to answer”
    Perfectly agree. Public cannot empathise. They can only get entertained. I personally feel writing a diary is a great habit.

    “I’m working on a book, a novel even. I know I’m not brilliant but I’m surely capable and my story is worth a chance to be read”
    You’ll have one die hard fan of course. And a suggestion.. don’t throw it away/delete it/ destroy it on an impulse.. I’ve thrown away so many stories thinking they weren’t good enough for the audience.. Now when I think about it, they weren’t so bad 🙁

    abt roadtrip.
    Road trip to Thrissur – what do I say… it is… what do I say…”LEGENDARY”!!!!!!!!! 😀
    “Da Layman, where in Kerala are you?”
    Of course I’m from Thrissur.

    Bangalore to Thrissur is about 500 kms I think. Hmm.. would be one helluva road trip. The roads are ok I guess.. not too bad.. not too good. Even if you have frustrations about the road not being good, take it out when you reach “Coimbatore bypass” 😀

    Thrissur has so many brilliant places. But I think you’d enjoy the road trip more than anything. When you reach the border (TN and Kerala) there is a board “Welcome to Kerala” and after that it is the “kuthiraan kayattam”.
    “Kuthiraan kayattam” is a hill and make sure you spend some time here. It’s pretty nice actually.
    Thrissur has many nice places depending on what type of person you are. I’ll email tons more to ur email 😀

  • November 1, 2008 at 8:24 am

    I use way too many smileys.
    Should have written them down as addictions.
    (No.. no sad smiley now… bad bad smiley)

  • November 1, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    @Layman – Thanks for the huge comment man.

  • November 3, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    This 5th addiction reminds me of ‘Pyar ke side effects’ where Rahul and mallika goes for a shopping spree after breakup 🙂

  • November 10, 2008 at 9:53 am

    Oh my!! This is very good writing. I could finally get to your blog. Had to get out of the company firewall. As already pointed out in the class, your writing is just great. Your addiction #3 is mine too. There was a point when I was obsessed with excelling in English, but that was pushed to the side when my “digital self” took over. Nway .. great going!

  • November 11, 2008 at 7:31 am

    I do have a few to add. Not sure if you are still addicted, but I know you surely miss a few of them. But this is what I’ve experienced in past.

    1. Eating/Drinking -Unkles corner at Ajmera/Drinks – Thick Shake @ DYP
    2. Mallu movies
    3. Internet cum Ircer 🙂

    I guess, you miss these !!


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