I’ve been disturbed since yesterday mostly because I witnessed and had to actively participate in a family debacle which so messy that it took away my sleep. I was working yesterday, the W2 shift, which like I’ve explained; demands me to be online and available, ready for work from 6PM to 6AM. Yes, a full 12 hr shift. Its not as excrutiating as it sounds though cause all we need to do is keep ourselves available. The chance of real work coming your way is slim. So yes, you can watch tv, play games, listen to music, go out and do all your regular stuff. The only thing you need to take care of is the part where you’d keep yourself free off any other commitments. Which as per me is easy cause I am not committed to anything else these days and thats not a funny story. Quite a tragedy I tell you and yes, I’m going to make a novel out of it – For love and friendship.

Around 2AM I heard someone pounding away on my neighbours door. He was yelling in an extremely annoying high pitch voice demanding “him” to let “her” out and that kinda bought a lot of stories to my head (mostly the masaledaar bollywood types where the husband caught his wife sleeping around) and this was intriguing. So I tip-toed to my door and started peeking out of the eye-hole hoping to catch a glimpse of the drama and probably watch a fist fight and/or some blood (evil, I know!) but what I heard after that was horrifying.

“You get out of here now or else I’ll call the cops!” this was a mans voice and he sounded serious about what he said. The guy outside seemed unperturbed. He pounded some more before he said, “I’m going to kill you’ll! You can’t do this to me you just wait” and I could hear him running down the stairs. This was followed by a scuffle between him and our security guys. He then ran back up and continued pounding. By this time the entire building was up and I saw my neighbour (the one to my right) open his door and walk out. This gave me the courage I needed and I stepped out too. The guy looked at us and he said, “Its my wife inside!” he was piss drunk and was falling all over the place. My neighbour (lets call him Tom since I don’t know his name) he stood where he was and began talking, “You must leave now, its 2AM and there are other people here, please solve your family matters in the morning, this isn’t the time!” for which a woman from inside the house yelled, “Get out of here, you nearly killed me yeterday, I am scared of you and I will not come!” to which he banged the door some more. The security guys in the meanwhile called the landlord who asked them to sort it out by talks else he’d get his men (this was told to us later) They began dragging him away when he began falling and he tried to catch hold of something. Instead, he ended up pushing Tom who fell down the stairs and I guess he hurt himself cause he was furious. He ran up and began thrashing the drunk dude. The security guys also joined the action and I started yelling from where I stood. I asked them to stop it in English and Hindi but that didn’t deter Tom or the security guys, they beat him up and dragged him to the gate. He wailed on, “Blurrrrrrrr, you guys don’t know who I am… I am the manager of a software company… you guys are dead, brrrrrrr” they managed get him out of the gate. He cursed on for 20 odd minutes and thats when he heard the whistles of the Cheetah police patrolling the area. He quickly got into his car and drove away. I stood there for a while thinking about how drunkards knew when they heard the cops. A human brain is wonderful. It knows when its body is in trouble. I was down with Tom and the security guys by then and thats when I noticed that he looked like a decent guy. Plus, he had come over in a Cielo. Weird I thought to myself as I climbed back to my place.

This is when they (the neighbours who were the victims) opened the door and asked me if he had left. I nodded and asked them about what the hell was going on. The guy then went on to explain that it was his sister who was married to this guy and the guy had been thrashing her up over the past few months. Yesterday he nearly killed her and she had run away and come here. She was standing behind him and she looked really shaken up. Her eyes all swollen up and she looked shit scared by whatever was going on around her. I also got to know that it hadn’t been long since they had been married and the guy was addicted to dope and alcohol. They were leaving for their native place the next day and had hoped that he’d not create such a mess. I assured them and said that it was ok. Our landlord Mr. Reddy is a big man and he will make arrangements upto the next day. I suggested that they raise an FIR against this guy and they must try and avail a court order restricting this guy within a 10 mile radius of the woman. He was enraged and people can do wild things they they get mad! They packed up and left today. I hope they manage to get themselves out of this soup. Duh! Just when you thought that the modern world had a bright side to it, people like this come along. Assholes like him must curl up and die and I mean this.

I met Ajay today who went on to show me the stuff he bought from Singapore. Could have at least got us some chocolates you ass! He very proudly went on to tell me the story of how he sent all the awesome chocolates home. Got shame? Pig! We had dinner together at Randezvous and I liked the food there. After this and during the whole time we walked and ate, we discussed about how much our lives sucked. Well, he felt its exaggerated effects since he just returned from an awesome vacation. I feel alright though cause really, I’m alright. But then, depression is contagious and I’m trying to keep myself happy. Somehow. I returned home and logged on to gtalk. Here I found some hypocrites. Tell me this – Would you be online if you’re busy? Seriously? No. You wouldn’t. I’m not sure why people try to radiate their so called “busyness” good that you’re busy, but then why are you online? I mean, Fuck off! The following is so true:

To martyr yourself to caution is not gonna help at all; cause there’ll be no safety in numbers when the right one walks out of the door – Pink Floyd.

My desk
My desk

Thats my desktop and its been like that for a while. I can’t stop being in love with Yagami Light! Simply put, he’s awesome.


Hypocrites and wife-beaters.

4 thoughts on “Hypocrites and wife-beaters.

  • October 5, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    Oh.I so know what you are talking about. Sometimes you just cannot change people.
    On Gtalk status depends on intentions of the person: I keep it busy so that people don’t ping me. At the same time i have to be online too to talk to my family.

  • October 6, 2008 at 6:17 am

    I gave you biscuits from Singapore… 😛
    Weren’t they awesome?… hehe…..

  • October 6, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    @Seema – I can’t understand how people end up being so very busy. You can’t be busy enough if you’re chatting. Trust me 😉

    @AJ – Up yours!

  • October 7, 2008 at 11:09 pm

    You are mean….
    No more biscuits for u….
    hehe …. LOL


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