I’m going to continue from where I left yesterday. Guess that was obvious from the title, but then who reads the title these days? Do people have time? Well, yeah, thats the plan – its 5:07 AM and I should have slept a few hours ago, but I’m still here. It could be insomnia or else it could be because I slept up to 3 PM today. I’m sure its the latter.

Thought I’d type in about today before I dozed off, which I might any time now cause I’m sleepy. I hope I don’t doze off on the keybee here. Its tired of me hitting on its keys everyday. I’m sure it wouldn’t want to bear the weight of my head with my brain in it. The day wasn’t eventful as I’d make it sound. It was neat (to the word) and it passed off rather quickly; considering that I spent the last 6 hours in front of my computer writing, reading, listening to Maroon 5 and watching the Matrix trilogy all over again – the movie rocks so much. I wish I were like Neo and I wish Trinity was next to me! Damn. That’d be awesome. Carrie Anne Moss is amazing. She’s gorgeous as we all might have noticed and along with that she has brains and fights well. To top it off, she’s someone who can be in love. Weird, I thought women these days weren’t quite sure of what that was. Alright, I really don’t want to start off sounding like a generalizing sexist bastard, so, chuck that! Anyway, my point – I love the Matrix. Maroon 5 seems to have taken over my playlist these days and I’m totally in love with their music and their lyrics. I watched Cloverfield yesterday and it made me sad. I thought I’d get to watch Lizzy Caplan act in a monster movie and that’d be cool. Unfortunately, the monster sucked. Lizzy was good and thats the only reason I watched the whole movie.

The day today: So I woke up at 3 PM after trying real hard. Radhy aunty had called me a few times; guess she wanted me to come home for lunch, but I was lazy and didn’t feel like eating anyway. Called Nikhil and he said we’d go bowling. Now that was a nice plan and I hit the showers. Called Aunty and she sent the maid home (at the wrong time!) I was about to leave, you know? Then the maid, she’s a weird charecter… she wants to show me all those nooks and corners of my house that she’s cleaned. She’d take an hour to wash a few clothes and then she’d talk to me in Tamil a language I understand but can’t respond in. She doesn’t understand any other language and thats where I say language plays an important part. We have a roadblock, you know? Me and maid; she doesn’t know English. Thats the sad part. So, yeah… she spent an hour running around my house trying to get things in order and now I’d say its spick and span at home and I like it here. I set out to Nikhil’s place after she was gone.

Met Nikhil and decided to have something to eat before we set out. A long drive after we reached “Foodays” I got myself an Onion Dosa and I wasn’t particularly pleased with the way it tasted, but I gulped it down anyway. Had some tea and headed home. Zoher was ready by then and all of us set out to throw some huge, hard balls and hit some sticks. We went to Leela Palace; yeah thats where the bowling alley is. We got to glance at some amazing cars. I think we saw a few Audi’s a few BMW’s a couple of WalksWagon’s and so on. It was nice – their parking lot. Nikhil scares me with the way he drives. I keep hitting the brakes sitting next to him and it does not tire me. We reached Leela palace and went over to the counter to buy some time. He tells us that we need to wait for 2 hours and it was 8 by then. Too late we said. We then watched a few chicks throw some balls and then headed over to Forum to check if there were any good movies that we could watch. I thought we’d get to watch “A missed call” thats when Nikhil cribbed about how he’s scared of gory ghosty movies. Yeah, that was funny. We did not get tickets for it, or for Shaurya anyway and we did not want to watch One Two Three. Went over to a rather nice restaurant, waited for 20 minutes, got in, had some amazing food and got out. I bit into an amazing Rs 10 worth pan and it was awesome. Here the day ended. I took a Rs 100 rickshaw home and have been in front of thix box ever since. I feel happy! Cross my heart and hope to die. Time to kill myself temporarily. Night.


A continuation to yesterday’s blargh.

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