RRRevolution Roulette – Poets of the fall album 3 is out.


01. (00:04:06) –  Poets Of The Fall – More
02. (00:06:57) –  Poets Of The Fall – The Ultimate Fling
03. (00:06:17) –  Poets Of The Fall – Revolution Roulette
04. (00:04:28) –  Poets Of The Fall – Psychosis
05. (00:04:13) –  Poets Of The Fall – Fragile
06. (00:03:41) –  Poets Of The Fall – Clevermind
07. (00:03:58) –  Poets Of The Fall – Miss Impossible
08. (00:04:16) –  Poets Of The Fall – Diamonds For Tears
09. (00:03:54) –  Poets Of The Fall – Passion Colors Everything
10. (00:03:36) – Poets Of The Fall – Save Me
11. (00:05:18) – Poets Of The Fall – Where Do We Draw The Line

I haven’t been able to learn the music in it as of yet. Downloaded the album and played it once. I was sleepy, so couldn’t think much on the lyrics. The music seems good, but somehow I like the older albums more; I feel. But then, we do have a few songs in RR, which are awesome and I totally love the way POTF makes music. A must get set of songs, I’d say.

Fought with mom yesterday. Uncalled for, trivial reasons and I guess I made her cry. Sucks to be me. She said that it was ok and forgave me; as usual when I called her later in the evening to apologize. She said, huh!? Ok, so you’d have to begin apologizing for 24 years of troubles and worries then, so, beat it. Anyway, I did say that I was sorry and hung up. Tried calling dad later yesterday. I thought he’d be free in the night cause he works late these days, mom had said. This time though, he had come early and was off to sleep in no time. Mom said he’d call back, but I know that keeps very busy and that he may not call back unless the pressure at work has subsided.

Watched a few good movies over the weekend – The Notebook, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and August Rush. I loved all the movies and they did make me feel good. Romanticity in the air. Apart from this, its been 3 days since I went to the gym and I should have gone today, but I can’t because I’m sleepy and all I want to do is go home and crash. I’m really tired. I’d begin from tomorrow onwards, I guess. Well yeah, thats it; I’m sleepy. Night shifts for 2 weeks now. *yawn*


Revolution Roulette.

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