Finally, its the 8th and tomorrow, I’d be off to Pune. Do I sound like someone who hasn’t visited home since a million years?! Well, it feels like that this time. I’m not sure why, but I really missed Pune. I think its because of CVG, the people there, my friends, my team mates and of course, her! I’m dying to meet her.

Things aren’t looking up for me and I know it. I might as well return back with loads of loads of tears and sadness, but thats ok! At least I’ll have a convinced heart. I have to talk to her. I need to tell her how I feel and then if she feels more strongly about that space and if she really needs a break, then so be it – she gets it! Without a doubt, this time I will do it. Its just that I can’t be alone on Valentines! Its a very special day for me.

I missed mom and Sneha somehow and I feel like talking to them and eating the food mom cooks. Somehow, I’m certain that this would be my last trip to Pune for some time after. I’ll need to stay back, control my stupid brain/heart and kind of let people be. So, this time, I’ve planned to be good. Just enjoy myself and not make a mincemeat of the not-so-hellish life I have as of now. I know that its going to turn into hell very soon and thats the reason I say, this one week is very important for me. I will apologize and I will accept my faults.

Well, thats it with that. Apart from that, I’ve been tuning in to this new band (for me) called motherjane; which is a Kerala based Rock band. Totally owns. Insane biography is neat. I like it.


Apart from that, I have escaped without trauma for the last few days because Abhi is here. Abhi; he is an awesome person. Someone who can just wish your worries away with his laughs. I’m not going to type about how important he is; when it comes to me and my life, but since he’s been that secret box, I’d like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for being there. For being there and listening to me yell out my fears. Thanks Abhi. Well, thats it for now. I don’t feel the flow for now. I’m just plain excited to be going home! I’ll track back within a week. Till then…

Going home

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