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Nostalgia, a visit.

By | June 6, 2008

A couple of really awesome one’s someone gave me some time back: Your tears fall Right on my heart It hurts me more than you To see you fall apart I want no love That causes you pain Ill try to stop you from crying Though it might be in vain Your agony kills me… Read More »


By | April 11, 2008

Shags, its been forever now. Its been ages since I wrote about you and missed you like crazy when you weren’t around. You remember the days when we’d wait for each other and chat for hours? I missed you a lot today. I missed you very very much. Ever get that feeling where you realize… Read More »

More Nostalgia.

By | April 5, 2008

Have you ever had those times? Times where you can’t stop yourself from thinking about the days that you just lived. Nostalgia that you just can’t avoid. However hard you try and however much you tell yourself about how strong you are and about how you must live through this; sometimes, don’t you have times… Read More »


By | January 16, 2008

Alright, so I know that its too early to miss home, but I was watching Taare Zameen par yesterday; for the second time and this time off the internet, and thats when I realized that I miss my mommy! Who wouldn’t? Especially after a song like this: [audio:] Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin Par Andhere Se… Read More »