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Before I say DasVidanya…

By | March 7, 2009

I just finished watching Dasvidanya; a movie that I’ve avoided for no rhyme or reason. Firstly, I wonder why I thought the word Dasvidanya was Bengali. I assume a lot of things I don’t know and if you’d ask me about where I get the ideas to my perpetrating assumptions then I’d have to point… Read More »

Opeth to India.

By | November 27, 2008

I, initially had the itch to write about the ongoing war in Mumbai. Then again, whats the point? I’d just be glorifying the cowardly deeds of a handful of bastards who think its alright to play kill bill with innocent people. I’ve been following IBN for over 35 hours now and frankly, I think the… Read More »

The 17 year old me.

By | November 25, 2008

I’ve been going through a phase in my life where I’m trying to fight a side of me that I don’t like. I’m trying to fight a loving family thats weighing me down with expectations and desires that I cannot always fulfill however hard I try. Career related confusions which puts me and a very… Read More »

Innocent love.

By | September 26, 2008

I watched this movie yesterday and I desperately wanted to talk about it, especially this one song; which forced me to go rent its DVD. The movie’s name is Subramaniapuram and I’m sure the non-southie crowd wouldn’t make sense out of the language and what it is that they’re saying. No worries, I’ll explain. But… Read More »

Near and dear.

By | September 25, 2008

I’m going through a phase in my life where I have quintals of time on hand. This doesn’t necassarily mean that I’m jobless or that I have nothing good to do. It just means that I find a lot of free time. Owing to facts such as being in a city where I don’t have… Read More »

Meeting strangers.

By | September 20, 2008

Meeting strangers hasn’t ever been a big deal and I don’t think its a difficult thing to do. Infact, I’d say its easy cause the person/people you’re meeting don’t actually know you. You have it in your power to form an impression which may possibly be different from the one you’ve made up back with… Read More »

Pichle saat dinon mein…

By | September 1, 2008

I loved this song more when I actually saw them perform and when I saw it on a huge screen. Somehow, it was much more intense that way and especially since they did a little foreplay to the song before they started playing and thats when Farhan Akhtar involved the entire crowd. Not that it was… Read More »

Chetan ko gussa kyu ata hai?

By | August 12, 2008

Hahahahaha!!! I laughed like a crazy guy from the time I dropped Chetan at M.G road to the time I reached home and then some more before I finally dozed off into blissful happy sleep. Thanks Chetan. You are funny. So, I’ll answer the question in some time. For those who don’t know hindi, here’s… Read More »