Monthly Archives: June 2008

Lost for words.

By | June 30, 2008

My titles would probably seem like easy to predict cliches; just like my life. Its obvious that I’m following the Division Bell and I’m obsessed with the music and lyrics made by Pink Floyd. The truth is, I really am lost for words. I find myself beating around the bush when I write in my… Read More »

Reckless monotony.

By | June 26, 2008

Life’s been a series of monotonous events since quite some time now. I’ve tried to keep it full of things to do and people to be with, but somehow, all of them seem to fall short and I keep going back to the monotony of my life. Drive to work, no-real-work, sulk, surf, waste time,… Read More »


By | June 23, 2008

Lots of things influence us and the road we walk on… everyday. Some of these influences are good and the others are bad, some come rapidly and retire quickly, the others slowly stem from us and they seem to stick and influence our lives for a longer period of time. They’d stay till something far… Read More »

Smooth sailing.

By | June 17, 2008

I’ve been lazy. My usual bouts of laziness that comes and goes. Like those days where I just don’t feel like typing. Plus, I thought; no one cares anyway. No one reads here anyway, so a few days worth gap wouldn’t matter much. I thought I’d just walk by and say hello to anyone who… Read More »

The Beach.

By | June 13, 2008

It was Abhi’s birthday on the 11th and if I haven’t mentioned this before – I’m very poor with numbers and dates alike. I somehow seem to prefer text more to numbers. I must say that I’ve been fascinated by numbers recently because I’m watching the series – Numb3rs. Its funny that when I’m writing,… Read More »

Nostalgia, a visit.

By | June 6, 2008

A couple of really awesome one’s someone gave me some time back: Your tears fall Right on my heart It hurts me more than you To see you fall apart I want no love That causes you pain Ill try to stop you from crying Though it might be in vain Your agony kills me… Read More »

The ‘move on’ generation.

By | June 4, 2008

I’d like to begin with this: This seems like an advertisement that’d make people giggle or to the least bring a smile on anyone’s face. Its not because the advertisement has a deep meaning but its more in awe for the director of the advertisement and the person who must have designed the whole concept.… Read More »


By | June 2, 2008

Finally, I had the patience to finish it; Goa. It’s here: Goa Well, that’s it for today. -Anup

Wrapping up the weekend.

By | June 1, 2008

I had a wet weekend like most of us in Bangalore did. I got wet on Saturday and thus Sunday I felt like staying at home and keeping myself warm. Well, thats precisely what I did. I went out on Saturday with Ratheesh and a friend for a movie – Indiana Jones? Pfft, why doesn’t… Read More »