Happy till the next deterioration.

Huh!? What? Alright, here’s the thing; I hate this, but I’m living a life full of addictions. I like a thing and then I get stuck to it. I get stuck to it till the time I get bored of it or it gets bored of me. This is irrespective of things, people and the internet. These days, I’m addicted to something I had left long back. I used to loathe it then, but here I am again; ORKUT! Goddamn you.  Well, fuck this. I’m not too sure about how long I’d stick to orkut anyway. One fine day, I’m sure I’d find a reason to hate it, a ruse which would drive me away from it. Till that time, happy hunting for people I know!melt

I’m ok with getting stuck to music though. I’m not sure why, but I always end up getting stuck to numbers I like. The new album from POTF is nice. I like it and its playing; at home and at office, continously and it doesn’t bore me to go through the music over and over again. That being said, my classes have begun – CCNA at Mohans Networking institute. I must say, I’m fascinated by what I’ve heard so far and I’m looking forward to some more interesting sessions. Lectures that will include topics like Subnetting, switching, routing, protocols used for communication, IPv6 and a few others. I’m hoping for good discussions on these topics because I’m sure that I’d need all this later on. I payed 6 grands to start off with and guess I can pay off the rest by next month. Thats good, else I’d have been broke this month. I earn enough, I know, but somehow, my budget was shaky this month.

Office isn’t too busy these days. I have my usual set of things that I do, apart from that nothing that excites me a lot. Especially since I’m covering nights. I feel ok with night shifts somehow. Dad did not seem to like it much. I’m hoping for this month to pass of quick and for May to come in really really quick. I can’t wait for hitting the roads and driving over to Goa. Meeting Abhi, Muiz and Sanket. It’d be fun!

I feel good almost always these days and I guess I’ve escaped from the charade of liars that plagued my life. No, I don’t hate them, but I’m happy to be far away, never to see all of them again. They seem to still visit me via nightmares, but I manage to set them all aside when I’m living my life these days. Somehow, my experiences seem to have made me stronger. Like Lijo said, I don’t hate you for breaking my heart. I’m thankful to you for teaching me how to live with it. Its made me stronger and I’ll live well – no doubts. Uhm, so thats the deal – I’m happy now, but I’m sure that out of plain ignorance I’ll jump into something that’s going to cause me trouble anyway. I can’t seem to help myself. My affinity towards pain and suffering is worth the giggle! So… guess I can be Happy till the next deterioration.



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